Harry's Burgers

  • Ketchum, Idaho
  • (208) 123-4321
  • harry@harrys.com


Founder Harry Whitman opened Harry's Burger's in Catchup, Idaho in 1967. Originally planned as a community event, in just one weekend, a little burger stand quickly established itself as one of the most popular burger joints in all of Idaho! From then on Harry decided to convert his hamburger stand into a full fledged restaurant.

In 1969, with the finishing touches of the outside canopy, the restaurant was completed and opened for full service. The following year saw Harry visiting Irvine, CA to trade business secrets with In-N-Out founders Harry and Esther Snyder. Soon afterwards the trio hit it off well and became best friends. The burgers and fries of both restaurants are very unique, but those with delicate tongues state they notice the taste similarities in the "special sauce."

After a fire broke out in 1983 Harry was forced to move his restaurant from Catchup to the neigbhoring town of Ketchum. The restaurant is now located directly next to Ernest Hemingway's final resting place. This is why you often see guests eating a hamburger while reading a book in the outside seating area. We have a saying around here: "At Harry's Burger's — The Sun Also Rises".