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Ober Cheaver

Ober Cheaver

Web Developer

Howdy! Here's a tad bit about me: My name is Ober and I graduated from Fable College summa cum laude. My girlfriend Maxine, who loves playing Whack-A-Mole, taught me everything I know about JavaScript. She'd place stickers with technical jargon over each mole and told me to "Just whack it. It'll stick!" I like to eat German Chocolate Cake with a glass of milk on Sundays and drink Kombucha Tea on Tuesdays.

See my profile on LinkedIn.

Side Projects

Harry's Burgers

CSS / JavaScript / Firebase


This project started as contact form but has evolved into a restaurant site. It's a bit of a free form project at this point. For the form to send properly, I used JavaScript and the DOM and created a database with Google Firebase. The menu is an odd setup, but it made for a good learning experience with jQuery/AJAX/JSON.

Key Project Skills:

  • CSS Animations
  • JavaScript/JSON/AJAX
  • Google Firebase

Coffee Shop

Bootstrap 4 / jQuery / Brevity


Wait. What? Another restaurant site? But you've already got Harry's Burgers, you say. Yep, not really my intention but that's what happened. Guess I got's myself Bootstrapped. Perhaps I'll convert it to an ecommerce site later on. I hear's nowadays that's what they wanna see.

Key Project Skills:

  • Bootstrap 4
  • jQuery Smooth Scroll
  • Non-Bootstrappy Design

Resume In Technicolor



An all in one smorgasbord of floats, flexbox and fungai! A fictional resume where I learned a few things such as matching typography fonts that go together well but also contrast. In the process I found out the constraints of using Flexbox for navigation.

Key Project Skills:

  • HTML 5/CSS/Typography
  • Flexbox Navigation
  • Responsive Design

View my full portfolio at Fictional Pages.

Professional Training

Minutiae University - Ely, RI

Bite-Sized Bootcamp, 2019

Web Development

Fable College - Eugene, OR

Web Development, 2014 - 2018

Computer Science, BS